Experiment, invent, construct to reveal the fragile beauty of the moment and sublimate it to inspire dreams on themes that inspire me: nature, landscapes, horses, portraits

Tableaux , des peintures à l'encaustiques sur bois et des monotypes.

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My painting is influenced on the one hand by informal art and rock art and on the other by currents of the early 20th century such as Fauvism and Expressionism. Tired of the abstract at all costs, it is important to me that there remains a presence of reality in my paintings.Regularly, I resume drawing, sketches and sketches freely, on themes that have always inspired me: nature and landscapes, horses, faces and portraits. Inspired by this preliminary exploratory work or starting from a real situation, I imagine scenes in search of an ideal glimpsed.

Superimpositions are erased, revealing the initial outline or spontaneous strokes of paint or ink. Collages are interposed to challenge, to provoke ruptures of meaning. Other times, the color moves away from its reference to the object. In this way, silhouettes can be guessed, revealed, deformed by movement, landscapes are constructed, giving free rein to the unforeseen.

For a few years now, I have been working with encaustic painting or wax painting. This technique with amazing creative possibilities, by which matter lives, flows and freezes, comes to us from antiquity. My work offers energy, allows the imagination to escape the mad race of time.